Headphones – repairs, replacement cables


Due to overwhelming demand we’re currently way overbooked.  Please be aware that new repairs may take over a month to complete.

email us if you need more info.


When emailing, please include details of the problem such as:

  • brand and model name
  • type: earbud, on-ear, over-ear, with or without mic/controls on cable
  • which part seems to be damaged (plug, cable, Y-split, earpiece/can, headband, etc)
  • if there is physical damage, include a clear pic that shows the damaged area
  • symptoms and what actions influence it  (sound disappears when you touch this part, when you move the cable here, etc.)


We do not repair damaged headbands or other structural issues – contact the manufacturer.



While we carry replacement cables, we no longer service internal problems with Beats products.

 Please contact Apple service and ask them to take responsibility for the products they sell.


We do not service wireless headphones.