Ring Audio Service; vintage hi-fi repairs, parts, accessories, and refurbished sales

Ring Audio Service

Repairs__________ Vintage sales_________ parts/accessories

   Call    416 – 693 – 7464 during hours,    or  email  info@ringaudio.com  anytime


Minimum availability is noon – 5 pm Wednesday through Saturday, in person and by phone.

If your schedule conflicts, please contact us and we’ll try to accommodate.

Regarding Covid – all business will continue to take place outside.  We will be masked.


Please set down your gear on the sheltered table just outside our door, and knock or ring.  We’ll be right out.  Please include your contact info on the equipment to minimize wait time in the cold.

Pick-up works the same way.

Contact us via email for any non-urgent inquiries

Open Wed – Sat,  12 – 5.


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Repairing and maintaining your old favourites, or introducing you to new old-favourites to cherish